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Seagull Electricals is exporter of total spectrum of pneumatic spares with broad selection of sizes, types, actuators and mountings suitable in machines like LMW, RIETER, TEXTOOL, MURATA, VEEJAY-TFO, SAVIO, SCHLAFHORST Autoconer, OE, TRUMAC machineries [only on specifying the part number / relavent sample]. Brands like JANATICS, FESTO, SHAVO-Norgren etc. A diversity of energy, environmental and high-tech markets including: PROCESS CONTROL, ROBOTIC, PACKAGING, TEXTILE, AUTOMOTIVE, PRINTING, OIL AND GAS DRILLING, CEMENT, SUGAR, PHARMACEUTICALS, CHEMICAL, ENGINEERING PROJECTS AND MANY OTHER INDUSTRIES -- where reliable, precise control is not only necessary, but vital.

These products provide our customers with:

Maximum process security,
Minimum installation costs,
Maximum cost effectiveness.

The products are:

Air Preparation Units (FRL Series).
Air Cylinders 32-200Ø - Double Acting.
Miniature Cylinder: 12- 25Ø - Double Acting.
Compact Cylinders: 12-100Ø - Double Acting.
Compact Valves.
Solenoid Valves.
Airline Valves.
Manual and Mechanical Operated Valves
Junction Box
One Touch Fittings.
PU Tube & Tube Cutter.

Our Products
  • SCHLAFHORST Autoconer - 338
  • Pneumatic spares
  • bearings
  • bearings
  • Murata mach coner (7-II, 7-V, 21-C)
  • miniature cylinder
  • Bearings
  • Profile cylinder
  • Pneumatic spares
  • SCHLAFHORST Autoconer - 238
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